Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Doctor Recommends Ganoderma


Health News International featured an article with the interesting article title above. What captured my attention was the fact that this Ganoderma, this mushroom which has been a part of Chinese medicine for over 4000 years and recommended by Herbalists, was now being recognized by a Western Medicine traditional doctor.

The doctor was quoted as saying that "Ganoderma has over 400 different bioactive compounds that develop naturally as a food supplement for a healthy body." He spoke of Ganoderma as being "an adaptogen that works directly on every cell in the human body." The article further mentioned several positive reversal effects that Ganoderma has had on patients with Diabetes, Lupus, Emphysema,ADHD, Cysts, Chronic Pain and more. Then the best news ever was revealed.

This miracle mushroom, this King of Herbs, had been infused into Coffee. OMG! I am a coffee drinker (4-5 cups per day) and have always been advised by my doctor about the side effects of my drinking so many cups of coffee per day. Of course we all know that coffee is acidic in nature, makes you subject to crashes, and has a host of other negative side effects. My argument has always been that coffee also has also been noted to have some positive side effects. Now, this wonderful adaptagen, this miracle mushroom is a part of my favorite drink.

The benefits of Ganoderma infused coffee are endless. The adaptagen feature of the mushroom provides for more benefits than can be listed. Once in the body, it balances your PH Level, oxygenates the body, boosts the immune system, eliminates viruses, increases stamina, is a natural detoxificant.

I ordered some of the coffee and green tea and it tastes great. I immediately recognized the increased energy and better sleep that I experienced. After taking the Ganoderma capsules as a supplement, plus my daily dose of coffee, a cyst that I had on my eye and wrist began to disappear. My doctor had initially recommended surgery. This Ganoderma saved me from surgery and this Ganoderma Coffee saved me from having to have coffee withdrawals.

I recommended the Healthy Coffee to my family members. They had the same wonderful experience of increased health. It lowered my mom's blood sugars (she's diabetic). It regulated my uncle's blood pressure. It relieved my dad from constant extreme pain (he's a paraplegic). All of those who have drank the coffee or tea and taken the supplements say that because of the positive experience, they will be taking it for life. I know I will.

With great experiences like these I feel compelled to now recommend it to you. I found a few sites offering Reishi or Lingzhi (street name for Ganoderma) coffee, but the site offering this wonderful coffee and supplement capsules the cheapest and in its most purest form is
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